Friday, March 15, 2013

Rest is a Four Letter Word

The thing about rest is that the more we know we need it, the more we realize we've forgotten it, the more we seem to find ways to avoid it. That common adult problem that feeds out of the idea that "busy-ness" equates importance, that common fear that if I stop what I'm doing even for a moment, my world might come to a loud, crashing halt; these things cause me to run from rest. And if you are like me, you are really too tired to run in the first place.

But just like I have to find ways sometimes to command my soul to praise or to be thankful or to turn towards God, I have to find ways to command it to rest. To accept that gift that I cannot and am not made to do everything all the time without stopping. That the very rest that I run from would actually cause the rest of the chaos to abate a little bit.

So, like all things in my life, it comes back to control. When can I plan to rest, when can I make it happen. Rather than receiving. Rather than stopping without a managed plan of attack. Just a ceasing. Wouldn't that be amazing? Just stopping, without guilt, without remorse, without lists of things to do when the rest has finished. Just letting my soul enter into the rest it's already been given.

This post was written as a part of Five Minute Fridays. Check it out and give it a shot next week!


  1. I like the idea of just pausing, stopping, and even listening. Maybe the more we rest, the more we will hear God's voice. Thanks for your encouragement and I know in my own life that I need God's rest.

  2. in a womens' conference a few years ago, one of our speakers gave us a great way to realize "busy-ness" plays...and gave us an acronym to stay away from it as best we could...Being Under Satan's Yoke

    find ways to command it to rest...yeah!!! Just a ceasing. (it's there for our claiming it and going to Him in those moments :)