Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Never-Ending Deck Project

More than 20 days ago I posted a photo to my facebook page proclaiming my intent to finally, after living here for over a year, refinish the deck. If you are like me, once something around the house bugs you, you likely think about how soon you can fix it on a daily, if not hourly, basis. So, I was excited to no longer have a deck that was the world's largest splinter with splashes of paint in random places. A deck that might actually look at home in our beautiful yard and garden.

Deck after powerwashing and sanding
When I posted that picture I had already powerwashed and sanded it which, since just about anything I accomplish these days happens during my littlest's nap times, took me a solid week. I didn't have high hopes for finishing the painting part quickly.

I was right.

Today, just after I finished it, Reed said to me "So the painting only took like a week, right?"

Not quite, and I'm glad to see his powers of observation are working as well as mine are through all the sleep deprivation around here.

No, 3 weeks of painting during naps, waiting out the rainy days and taking a break when family visited and here we go. Probably not my best work ever, but I think it looks pretty nice against the light grey house and white trim and I look forward to all my flowers complementing the blue next summer season.

Deck after two coats of paint (and yes, that was a lot of trim)
For now, since it'll likely be covered in snow starting in a little over a month, I'll enjoy it in its flowerless state during frigid mornings full of steaming coffee when the little is asleep and I am no longer on my hands and knees painting.

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