Friday, April 19, 2013

Enough, Already!

Where am I today, you ask? Well, not in Madison with my husband looking for houses where I should be. No, four hours before our flight was scheduled to take off on Thursday, my son fell ill with a stomach virus. Two hours later, after rocking him back to sleep and falling back to sleep myself, disaster struck me, too. Poor husband, trying to clean up stuff all over the place, on the phone with the airlines pleading for mercy to change our flights to Friday without a ridiculous financial penalty (please don't anyone lecture me about travel insurance) and, ultimately, deciding to get on the plane because we could not think of another time possible to travel out there in the near future. Leaving his wife and son behind to the care of my mom who had flown in to watch Josh while we traveled.

I am finally out of bed today. Josh is back at school, having much more quickly recovered from his little attack than his older, immuno-challenged mom. He spent most of yesterday bounding around the house playing legos with his Nana and wondering why the heck his mom was still sick, occasionally bringing me huge glasses of water and asking me if I was planning on staying in bed all day with an accusatory note in his voice. So sweet. Yes, baby, mama's not going anywhere anytime soon.

So today I'm staying close by my phone and computer. Because my husband is in Madison, Wisconsin, touring around the neighborhoods I have tried to envision for the last 3 months with our realtor, walking through the houses of which I've seen pictures, and trying to make a decision that we'll both be able to live with for the next three years. And I am waiting for extra pictures, verbal notes and lots of questions along the way. The last time my husband looked at places to live without me it was when we were engaged and he was looking for apartments for us to move into after the wedding. The reports I got were like this:

Me: What was it like?
R: It was nice.
Me: Was it one story or two?
R: Um. One?
Me: How many bedrooms?
R: Um. One? No, two!
Me: Bathrooms?
R: Ahhh....

So, yeah. I'm a little worried. Of course, that was more than 10 years ago so I trust the whole "growing up thing" and knowing me a ton better than he did then will increase his level of observatory thoroughness, but still. What a mess. I wouldn't want to be in his place with all the pressure of deciding alone.

I know what I should be saying in the midst of some kind of all-wise moment here. Hahaha, clearly I am not in control. You can't plan on anything in this life. Hold everything loosely. Blah, blah, blah. But, you know what, I've already learned that, thank you very much, about a hundred times over. I KNOW I can't plan on anything but it sure would be nice to plan on something once in awhile. How many times does one person need to learn the same lesson? Enough, already. I get it. Life is unpredictable. Nothing is a sure thing. 

Can we move on to the next lesson, please?

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