Friday, April 12, 2013

Get the Word Out

Dear Blog Friends,

We have been on the adoption waiting list for 14 months now with just about nothing to do to help move things along. A friend recently suggested I ramp it up. There is only so much waiting a person can do without being able to take action.

So, blog friends, I have created a blog site with all our adoption information. I have put links on this blog to get to that site and directly to our video and our profile with our adoption agency.

Why am I posting on here?  Because you can help!You have overwhelmed us with prayers and support during this waiting.

Why not overwhelm us with some mass support via social media?

Networking is the best way for birthparents and adoptive families to find one another.

  • Would you consider posting our adoption blog or adoption profile on your facebook account or on your own personal website?
  • Would you think about people you know who might be a good connection and let them know about us?
  • Would you let us know of any connections that would be helpful for us to follow up?
We really appreciate anything you can do to help. Your support means so much! 

Thanks, Carolyn 


  1. Hi Carolyn,

    I will share, post and tweet about it. Hopefully it will help!

  2. Thanks KeAnne! I really appreciate it!