Friday, March 27, 2015

Naptime Challenge Day 2 - Pen and Paper

We had a reasonable morning around here. Lots of eating, a few hours at the gym and tons of rolling around on what seems to be the toughest balloon ever known in the history of man. I hate to think what'll happen when that thing eventually blows. Ah well, fun for now. Tears later, I'm sure.

As littlest just went down for a nap, I came downstairs ready to do my challenge.

Here's Day 2:

(1) Again, leave little person(s) room and ignore tyrannical lists for now.

(2) Get out a pen and paper. Or that notecard you picked up on clearance at Target two years ago and promptly never used.

(3) Sit down and write an actual note. Yes, a handwritten note with pen and ink. Pick just one person. (or two if you are feeling cah-razy today.) Mine is going to be a "I've been thinking about you and sad we never find time to skype or talk but you are a big part of my life and I wanted to say hi" type of note.

(4) Get out an envelope, address the darn thing and, if you even own any at this point, put a stamp on it. If you are like me and don't do this crucial step, your note will sit on your counter until everything you wrote in it becomes irrelevent and you have to start from scratch two years from now the next time you see cute notepaper on sale.

(5) Do whatever you need to do with it to make sure it actually gets mailed.

That's it.

A note. From you to someone you love or miss or just want to remind that he or she matters.

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