Thursday, April 2, 2015

Naptime Challenge Day 4 - Spouses

It's easy in this stage of life to just kind of coast along. To make sure the kids are fed and sleeping and healthy. To take turns driving one to soccer and the other to the library. To meet up some time after the dishes are done and everyone is snoring for a few minutes of collective yawning before bedtime. We can kind of lose our spouses a little in this kind of fray.

So today's naptime challenge?

Do ONE thing for your spouse. Plan his or her favorite meal or write a note if he, like mine, is very encouraged by words. Find a friend who might be willing to watch the kids tomorrow night surprise him with a date that YOU have planned. Buy her favorite candy at Target later when you're on a diaper run.

Whatever it is, spend at least 5 minutes thinking about this person you married and used to have so much time with. Don't think about what you wish he'd do for you but just five minutes of "how can I love my husband or wife in this moment?

Then go do it.

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