Saturday, April 11, 2015


We aren't big on play weapons around here.

Except, of course, for light sabers.

For two years in a row, they have been a key part of our birthday celebrations. Most of his friends own at least one and, if none happen to be around, they are all more than willing to use any other potential longish object to have their battles. Pool noodles, balloons, sticks.

One of the things I've noticed, though, is that they break easily. In our home, this is most likely due to a predatory 1-year-old, but we decided that having some kind of proper storage might elongate the lives of the ones still remaining.

So, having stared at an old pallet in our garage for way too long, I decided to go ahead and try to make something fun out of it and help our storage problem all in one.

Here is what I did:

(1) I took an old pallet that we had from a delivery this past summer that was just taking up space in our garage. (Free)

(2) I cut down the pallet to size, nailed in lose nails and sanded it down with the help of one handsome fellow.

(3) I bought some pipe insulation (in charcoal gray to go with our color scheme) and cut it down to about 5 inches long. I also slit it down the middle. I made three of these. (Cost about $2)

(4) Then we painted the pallet. First, we did a lovely dark blue and fully saturated the wood. Then we did a loose brush over the top with a navy to give it a sort of weathered look. ($4 for the paint)

(5) Then I added a fun accent phrase and hot glued the small pieces of insulation to the bottom.

(6) Add lightsabers and go! We are looking forward to revamping my older son's room to plan around this piece. He told us he's too grown up for his primary colors bedroom, so Star Wars it is! This will hang on the wall and keep those trusty sabers organized.

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