Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Enemy Thing

Every day I wake up, flip on the computer and wait.

Wait to see post after post, memes, articles..all begging us to run as far from Trump as possible, to denounce him, to make fun of him. Wondering WHO really supports him. Questioning why Christians might be behind him. Mocking him.

I, myself, have offered my fair share of semi-humorous commentary on the subject. I, myself, have mocked him.

But the bottom line is...I have not once prayed for this man.

As a Christian, a woman and a mother to two black boys, I think it would be fair to consider Trump and his followers the "enemy." I have heard what he has to say about minorities (both religious and ethnic), I have watched my black friends post about leaving the country if he gets elected and I do not blame them or believe they are kidding. I have witnessed his misogyny. I truly believe he is a fascist of the first order and his rise is eerily reminiscent of what went on in Germany in the 1930's. The "othering', the fierce nationalism...the fear mongering, the pledges to exact revenge on those who disagree.

But, the bible tells me to pray for my enemies. To love them. And I have not done that. I have bought into the fear, the hysteria, the mocking. And let's be honest...being able to find ways to laugh at him makes the fear disappear for at least a few minutes a day. What's the harm, right?

From now on, though, I am going to pray for this man. That God would meet him where he is and show him that God is bigger than he is. That he would turn his heart from hate and fear. That he would value women instead of objectifying them. And on and on and on.

But while I will stop mocking him and I will pray that God will help release me from the fear of what he can do, I will not stay silent about what he says and does. To be silent, to not speak up for the oppressed, the to be complicit in that oppression, that hatred.

I saw a quote this morning:

And, as a student of World War II history, I was immediately reminded of Pastor Martin Niemoller, who said something eerily similar as he saw hate and tyranny swirl around him when Europe descended into war and holocaust in the 1930's and 40's.

You think I am exaggerating in comparing these two?

That's fine. But humanity has not progressed. What happened then could happen again. Easily. And there are thousands of people who are following and agreeing with the hatred that is spewing forth. He is not one lone voice.

So while I will no longer choose to mock and moan, I will choose to find the truth, speak it as often and as loudly as I am able, go to the polls and vote against him and move boldly forward trusting that God is bigger than this election, more powerful than Trump can ever hope to be and that he is a God of mercy, love and justice.

Who is with me?


  1. i will certainly join you in praying for him. That is absolutely needed for any of our leaders. I am a Trump supporter. I will never believe he is a racist at all. Journalism is dead long ago. Now adays you have to research and put alot of effort into getting all of the news. its frusterating because most of us dont have the time, so i have to search for it to get the whole story on things. For example, I've already heard trump disavow david duke long before sunday's interview with tapper. he disavowed, he tweeted, he expressed his disgust. but none of that matters to the media. and people who call themselves journalists will only report what they want. thats just one example. anyway, hate ranting. and wish facebook was not used for all the political stuff. i'm tired of people thinking that tea party people, or christian conservatives or republicans are just automatically racists according to the liberal media. they just have to believe that for some reason. They depend on it.

  2. I will have to respectfully disagree. The media has not made out Trump to be a racist- he IS a racist. I don't care for the way he speaks about people of color, immigrants and people who are not Christians. He has made it clear that people who disagree with him may risk retaliation if he is elected which makes him a despot. And as a Christian I cannot get behind who is he and what he stands for. His own words, from watching his rallies and listening to his speeches, has led me to this conclusion - not anything the media has done to portray him that way.