Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The New Camera

When my little point and shoot died a few days before my trip to Ireland this summer, I frantically spent hours on the internet, trying to figure out if there was a reasonably inexpensive way to upgrade to a better camera in time for the trip. There wasn't. Thankfully, a dear friend let me borrow her lovely camera for the trip and I was able to come home with hundreds of clear pictures and, inadvertently, the overwhelming desire to now take hundreds of clear pictures as often as possible. I guess this is how new hobbies are born.

So, I've been scouring the ads for months, waiting for the perfect combination of price, age, condition and type of camera to come up and this Monday, bingo. There it was. A Canon Rebel EOS series. Practically new, excellent condition, with a bag, with memory cards, with a lens, with built in deep joy, without a ridiculous price tag.  My darling mother had already offered to help offset the cost by contributing as a birthday and Christmas gift and so I jumped on it.  I am now the proud owner, scouring the manual and torturing my child and dog during even the simplest of family moments.  As I snapped away during chili night last night, my husband wearily asked if all these pictures would go on facebook. No, darling. Even I know that no one cares to see chili smeared on our faces on a random Tuesday night for no specific reason.  (Don't we wish all facebook users knew this?")

But, in the name of full disclosure, here are a few shots that I've enjoyed taking over the last 24 hours. New hobbies are just the best.  
My very fluffy Zeke

This is how I look when I am playing with anything that has wheels.

Marigolds Still In Bloom

Dribbling at Soccer Practice

Yeah, that ball just went in.

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