Friday, January 3, 2014

Going Lighter This Year

I'm not a big New Year's Resolution kinda person. I think I've recognized over the years that I'm a pretty goal-oriented person to begin with. I'm always working on something so to add a new list at the New Year creates fodder for my issues with responsibility and guilt. Let's be honest, I have plenty of fodder for those already.

The thing that does happen without fail in the new year is a renewed hatred of clutter. I don't know if it's just because the Christmas decorations have been up for just a touch too long or that the influx of new "stuff" into the home pushes me over the edge, but I always feel the need to move into spring cleaning the second the opening of presents is through. I bide my time until Epiphany, which in my husband's world is the official date at which you can begin to tear down decorations. Of course, if I begin spring cleaning on Epiphany this year, it could mean that said cleaning is taking place in -45 degree weather. Thank you, Wisconsin, for one of the most terrifying weather forecasts I have ever seen. I shall plan to stay inside forever.

Every year, though, it's that question of how far to go? What to really get rid of? We purged a lot in 2013 with our move across the country but there's plenty more "things" that are just, well, things. Not necessities, nothing that necessarily enriches our lives. Piles and boxes of stuff that we hold on to for whatever reason. I have a whole box of cd's in our storage room but I don't even own a cd player anymore. A whole box of VHS tapes and our VCR doesn't even work. I need help.

A friend posted yesterday about a challenge she was going to take to get rid of 2,014 things in 2014. On my first read through I thought, no, that's impossible. How can I possibly get rid of that much stuff? On my second read through I saw that it came with an excel spreadsheet. I was sold.

So, I'm going to dive in. And for the good of my soul, I'm going to dive in with a less legalistic attitude than I usually do with things involving lists. This is going to be a significant goal but not one that has to be perfectly reached and attained. A chance to intentionally evaluate the "why" of what we hold onto and to part with the things we sometimes let define us. Those things that have no business playing a role in who we really are.

If you want to take the challenge alongside me, let me know in the comments section. We can check in with each other and encourage each other along the way!

Now, I'm going to grab a box and get started!

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