Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You Might Be Adopting If...

1. You find yourself using the phrase "No, we can't put that name on our baby name list, it's too white!" or "Do you think Jamal Ogrosky sounds wrong somehow?"

2. Registering for gifts is a pain in the booty because you don't have a due date. Really, people? It's 2014. Can we please have an adoption category? It is not helping us to have to redo our registries every nine months when we still don't have a kid. Kinda like salt in a wound.

3. Your kid asks you if it's time to go get a baby yet, as if you are heading to a store somewhere to do it.

4. You accidentally call yourself a birth parent in regards to your biological child in a conversation.

5. You meet anyone else who has gone or is going through this and you just know. And you bond instantly.

6. The word "homecoming" no longer means a ritualistic football and dance celebration at your alma mater.

7. More people than should know are privy to the intimate details of your marriage, including your sex life.         Thank you, agencies, for ensuring maximum discomfort in home study interviews.

8. You have a fire escape plan on your fridge and a smoke detector for every 2 square feet of ceiling in your      home.

9. People ask you the question "So have you heard anything?" every day of your life. I might start replying         with random facts I learn in my biology class.

10. You have actually experienced nausea, fatigue, memory lapses and hormone swings in direct relation to        the amount of paperwork you have had to fill out.

11. The term "waiting" has become a four letter word in your house.

12. You hear the phrase "it will all be worth it" all the time and cling to the hope that that is indeed true.

13. There is at least one entire shelf in your office devoted to adoption-related literature.

14. Your heart flies into your throat anytime your agency phone number pops up on your caller id.

You might be adopting if you are scared and clueless sometimes about what this whole experience might actually be like, but you are holding steady anyway and knowing that God has been and will be there every step of the way.

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